A First Birthday Party

What the heck? When did I have a kid let alone one that has been around for an entire year? Half the time I'm still surprised when I remember that he's mine and I'm not just watching him for someone else. 

Not that I've actually thought that but being a family still feels all so new to me. 

Planning a birthday party on the other hand was something I've done before. But planning for a baby was a definite new one. So I'll get right to that. I'll wax sentimental later. 

We did a Harry Potter-esque party for the little guy because first of all, Harry is the best, and, second, the first picture that I took for his month pictures was HP themed and I wanted it to come full circle. Which I really like how it turned out. 

So. I tried to keep it simple. I really did. I was originally going to try and make everything myself but since it hit right around Christmas and I discovered I needed surgery before it happened then my time got cut extremely short. Etsy to the rescue! I purchased his invitations, clothes, cake sign, even some of the signs from that site.